Redesigning and Updating our Resources Page

We have been busy here trying to gather more resources for our followers and customers to use. Please check out the new design on the 100 + Free Load Boards. It is now in alphabetical order with a search option. Don’t forget to let us know if there are any pages you would like us to add.


100 + Free Load Boards


To search for freight, simply click on a link to one of the free load boards listed below.  The load board will open in a separate window and you can follow the instructions to start finding loads immediately.  You are free to use as many of the load boards as you like with no obligation to Georgia Dispatch Group LLC.
DAT TruckersEdge (1st 30 days free)
FreightFriend (free)
Direct Freight (15 days free)
Truckingplanet (Free)
freightfinder.com (free)
Internet freight terminal (7 days free)
Trulos Transportation load board (free)
Expediteloads.com (Free Demo)
Frey Farms Produce (free)
LoadMatch (free)
Central Dispatch (30 days free)
Omaha Track (free)
Fox Lumber (free for registered carriers)
QuadExpress / QuadGraphics (free)
Quick Transport Solutions (free)
UTi/DSV Road Load Board (free)
TQL (free for registered carriers)
Quality Transportation Inc (free)
CH Robinson (free for approved carriers)
Landstar Carrier Load Board (free)
Atlantic Logistics (free)
RMX Global Logistics (free)
Vessage.com (15 days free)
Greatwide TM (registered carriers)
Truck It Smart (14 day trial)
Fastmore Logistics (free load search)
XTL Logistics (free)
Anchor Logistics (free)
Transcorr National Logistics (free)
Stevens Transport (registered carriers)
Freight Tec Mgmt Group (free)
Top Flight Transportation (free)
Echo Global Logistics (approved carriers)
FedEx Supply Chain Mgmt (register)
Erwin Bros. Trucking (free)
Greenbush Logistics (free)
Hub Group / Mode / Unyson (free)
Matchmaker Logistics (free)
Platt & Associates (free)
Werner Enterprises (free)
Transport Investments Inc/TII (free) 
Universal Logistics (free)
Somerset Logistics (free)
Swift Logistics (approved carriers)
BNSF Logistics (free)
Prime Logistics (free)
US Logistics (free)
Miller Trucking (free)
Whitewood Transport (free)
Sunset Transportation (free load alerts)
Jacobson/ XPO Logistics Loads (free)
SPI International Transportation (free)
Hogan Logistics (for registered carriers)
Knight Brokerage (free)
Epes Logistics (approved carriers only)
Meadow Lark Agency (free)
Eagle Transportation (free)
deBoer Transportation (free)
Maverick Transportation (free)
Northland Express (free)
Skinner Transfer Corp (free
Shram Brokers (free)
Tennessee Steel Haulers (free)
FST Logistics (free)
Kirsch Trucking (free)
PAM Transport Brokerage (free)
GIX Logistics (free)
Brock Transportation (free)
Penske Logistics (registered carriers)
Ace Doran / Bennett Logistics (free)
ST Freight (free)
Coyote Logistics (registered carriers)
PLS Logistics (registered carriers)
Vector Transport (registered carriers)
Admiral Merchants Motor Freight (free)
Boyd Logistics (free) Rainbow Logistics (free)
Manning’s Truck Brokerage (free)
Navigator Direct (free)
Shipping Connections Inc (free)
Logistic Dynamics (registered carriers)
Magic Valley Truck Brokers (free)
Reliant Transportation (free)
Interstate 48 Transportation (free)
Unique Transportation (free)
VHI Transport (free)
Carroll Fulmer Logistics (free)
Mercer Brokerage (free)
Online Freight Services (free)
Trinity Logistics (registered carriers)
Jerue Logistics (registered carriers)
GTO2000 (free)
ATS Sureway (free)
Allen Lund (registered carriers)
JB Hunt (free)
Yusen Logistics (free)
Harte Hanks Logistics (free)
Dart Advantage Logistics (free)
KLLM Logistics Services (free)
NFI Logistics (free)
Oldcastle Logistics (free)
Packard Logistics (free)
Scott Logistics (free) D&L Transport (free)
Pepsi Logistics Co. (registered carriers)
Jones Transport (free)
Associated Freight Brokers (free)
Grassy Creek Lumber (free after register)
Daily Brokerage Inc (free)
FAK Inc (registered carriers
Celadon Logistics (free)
FLI Logistics (free)
Red Classic Trans. (approved carriers)
FCC Transportation Services (free)
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