If you’re like me, you watched Smokey and The Bandit growing up and always wanted to say “Breaker Breaker 1-9” over a CB Radio. 8 year old me was fascinated with all of the lingo that was spouted out, of course it didn’t make sense to me, but it was its own language.

All Grown up, if you can say that at 25, I work with Truckers and this language so close to the Freight Industry all the time. So, come with me on a trip through CB Land, so that next time you hear the phrase, “Driving Award,” You’ll know its not a good thing.



Wiggle Wagons are tractors with multiple trailers attached to the back. These rigs kind of remind me of train cars, but Wiggle Wagon suits them because they do just that, wiggle, if you watch them closely.



If you’re ever listening over the CB and hear Double Nickle, know that the speed limit is 55 miles per hour. Back in good old 1972, Congress decided to combat the oil crisis by setting the nation wide speed limit to 55 mph, this lasted until 1986. CB users during this time, coined the term “Double Nickle,” because, you know, 5, nickle, two 5’s, double? You get the idea.



This one’s a double deal. Let’s start with bear: a cop. So it only makes since that Bear Bait is a speed demon car on the interstate that is going faster than the flow of traffic. As you can probably tell, this is a pleasant surprise for truckers, we to be honest, anybody on the road, because it takes attention away from everyone else.



This has nothing to do with utilities. This little nugget of Truck Speech refers to taking a leak. Whether it be at a truck stop or in the cab (I’ve seen a lot of jokes about water bottles lately), everybody has to pay this fee eventually. And a word of advice, if you see a plastic bottle with yellow liquid in it, to be on the safe side, steer clear.



It would be really cool if Truckers talked about the Amazing Spider Man, but generally they’re talking about their log books, and these days, ELogs.


Have you ever been pulled over to be complemented on your operation of a motor vehicle? Me neither, and that is not what this phrase means. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. A driving award usually refers to a speeding ticket, but is really any citation that you receive on the side of the road. If you receive this accolade, your insurance company will not congratulate you.



We all know that the first thing that to remember from Motorcycle 101 is WEAR YOU HELMET. Being on the road all the time, Truckers can tell you how many people don’t honor this most golden of motorcycles laws. They can probably tell you as well how awful the accidents where helmets are not involved end up. Please wear your helmet so that no one ever has to look for the little red heart on your license.



Have you ever taken a long drive, and when you got home, you were just EXHAUSTED? Imagine doing that all day, all night, every day, all year. Truckers have the right to be tired. Even though most cabs have the luxury of a sleeper, even the most luxurious, for most people cant amount to a genuine bed. Enter the Nap T

rap, or as non CB people like to call it, a motel room. A real bed, a bathroom, no steering wheel, it’s easy to see how this could trap a driver that has been on the road for a while.



When I heard this one, I was think grease or WD40. Nope, Diesel Fuel, the truck won’t move without it.



Speaking of Fuel, it’s expensive, and when you rely on it for your job, it important. That’s where Georgia Overdrive comes in handy. I don’t know what Georgia has to do with it, but this fuel saving trick happens when a driver coasts down a hill without using the accelerator. Not to be confused with the California Stop’n’Roll, in which the driver slowly rolls through a stop sign with out coming to a complete stop.


Whether you want to “wow” your friends with some new lingo, or watch Convoy with a little more understanding, I hope you learned as much as I did!

Happy Hauling!


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